Miranda Lambert is a true crusader for animals and you’ve just gotta love her for her tireless dedication and passion to critters and creatures. In addition to adopting and caring for pets, she is using Twitter to help pets in desperate need find good homes.

Lambert posted that she will be sending out messges into the Twitterverse each and every Friday pertaining to pets that need to be adopted from the animal shelter in Tishomingo, Okla. She is the patron saint of pooches and animals in need.

She and hubby Blake Shelton recently expressed their displeasure at the facility’s policy of euthanizing animals after only three days in residence, since that is not an adequate amount of time to place them in loving homes. To combat this policy, she is taking matters into her own hands to try and save lives by spreading the word.

‘Randa doesn’t just express her opinions. She actually takes action and puts her money where her mouth is and for that, you just can’t help but respect the ‘Fastest Girl in Town’ more than ever.

Her tweet on the matter is below.

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