Carrie Underwood salutes her “awesome” mother, who was also her school teacher, in this clip from last night’s (Aug. 17) ‘Teacher’s Rock’ special on CBS.

While seated next to her mom Carole, whom she looks at with love and adoration, the ‘Blown Away’ singer reminisced about her unique situation, having her mother as her teacher. That had to make things a bit awkward for Underwood in school. She called the experience “a blessing and a curse. You were my mom and my teacher at the same time. You were hard on me because I was your daughter in class. I was like Miss Underwood? Mom? Underwood?”

Mrs. Underwood was quick to note that she did not show any sort of nepotism just because her kids were her students, saying that if she was going to expect a certain level of decorum out of other people’s children that “I also had to expect my children to do the same thing.”

Her now-famous daughter did whine a little, in a cute, playful way, saying, “You were harder on me then other kids,” to which she once again said, “I didn’t ever want anyone to say I treated you better than I did anyone else’s children. Therefore I was probably harder on you.”

The only real problem caused by Carole Underwood being teacher to her daughter and her daughter’s friends? “Sometimes kids would call you ‘Miss Underwear,’” Carrie joked.

She got serious at the end, celebrating and saluting her mom, saying, “I didn’t get to thank you for being a good mom and teacher…you’re awesome.”

Watch Carrie Underwood Salute Her Mother in ‘Teachers Rock’ Clip

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