Midland's cinematic new music video for their latest song, "Mr. Lonely," stars actor Dennis Quaid as its free-wheeling protagonist, a womanizer whose misdeeds ultimately catch up to him in the most colorful way possible. The story plays out against a colorful honky-tonk background, filled with line dancing, dart boards, beer cans and a rollicking performance from the country trio.

The beginning of the clip sees Quaid strolling into a juke joint, removing his hat and nodding when he sees Midland chatting in between sets (meanwhile, the group's hit "Drinkin' Problem" plays in the background.) Things start innocently enough as Quaid takes his seat at the bar, but soon, a woman taps him on the shoulder and says, "Remember me?"

"Should I?" Quaid responds.

Cigarette between her teeth, the woman pulls down a sleeve to reveal a black tattoo on her arm, signifying some kind of love gone bad between the two. She pulls him up by the belt loops and drops her lit cigarette down his pants.

As the music kicks off, legions of tattooed -- and scorned -- women begin to appear, all ready to bring retribution against Quaid for his misdeeds as "Mr. Lonely." A rough-and-tumble, slapstick brawl breaks out as the music kicks off, women lining up to pie Quaid in the face, use his crotch as a dartboard and much more.

Co-directed by Midland's Cameron Duddy, the video for "Mr. Lonely" was filmed on the set of Netflix series The Ranch, which, the group explains on YouTube, is one of their favorite shows. The country trio is currently at work on their next album, which is expected to be released in 2019.

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