Better warm up your taste buds because McDonalds is bringing back a new favorite.

It took McDonald's nearly 40 years to roll out its newest McNugget flavor. In September of 2020, it finally happened when they added Spicy Nuggets to their menu. Unfortunately, the Spicy Nuggets only offered for a limited time. They sold out and they offered no more... until now.

According to the McDonald's Facebook page, that's all about to change.

Starting February 1st, Spicy McNuggets are making their way back to the menu.

If you look at the page it says the reason they are bringing it back is all because we said the magic words.

Unfortunately, this time around they are only going to be here for a limited time, much like the first time they were offered.

This is not the only deal McDonald's is offering in February. They are bringing back their 1955 prices on select items in the coming Thursdays for the next few weeks, including shakes, burgers, and so much more.

You know, if saying please was all it took to bring spicy chicken mcnuggets back for a limited time, I wonder what we would have to say to keep them here permanently...

McDonald's has 4 locations in San Angelo,

520 N Bryant Blvd

610 W 29th St In Walmart Supercenter

30 W Beauregard Ave

4330 Southwest Blvd
So you have a lot of chances to get them. Just don't miss out.
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