Maren Morris made one heck of country music debut in 2016 -- numerous awards, a critically and fan-acclaimed album, hit songs -- so it shouldn't be surprising that she's a bit nervous about the task of putting together her sophomore album. The singer-songwriter recently penned a piece for Lenny, Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner's email newsletter, in which she expounds on her feelings about her success, women in country music and her next project.

Morris says that she's "about to start writing" for her second album, and that doing so "is exciting and extremely daunting." However, she has plenty of experiences to draw from.

"I've grown into the woman I am even more after stacking a decade's worth of bucket-list moments into one year," Morris writes. "Those experiences will all come out in the wash. I know that whatever songs do fall out in the writing room ... will be the purest reflection of myself."

Morris admits that she's struggling to figure out how to "hold on to those honest roots of country truth-telling while also asserting new ideas and words that may thematically and sonically veer off the ever-so-trodden path." However, she notes, she's realized that writing, simply, about life is what's made her successful.

"A banjo or fiddle doesn't make a country song, it's the core-cutting truth that does," Morris adds, "and I intend to explore it one day or beer at a time."

Morris' current single is "I Could Use a Love Song." This summer, she will serve as an opening act on Sam Hunt‘s 15 in a 30 Tour.

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