Luke Combs is hard at work on his sophomore album, and he couldn't help but share a bit of what he's been recording. The singer debuted a new song called "Dear Today" during a recent show in Kansas, even though the song isn't done yet.

"New song. It’s not done yet but love y’all to hear the progress," he writes in sharing a clip of the performance on Twitter.

In "Dear Today," Combs is writing a letter to himself from the future. His future self tells him that while he knows he's too busy to do anything, there are a few things he should prioritize: his mom, his dad and his longtime girlfriend, Nicole Hocking.

"So maybe you should call our mama / Have a drink with our old man / Quit wasting your sweet time and put that diamond on her hand / Stop taking me for granted like I'll always be around," he croons on the chorus.

You'll hear the crowd erupt in cheers when he sings of putting a ring on his girlfriend's finger — Combs actually proposed to Hocking recently and shared with fans last month. He popped the question in their kitchen.

Combs' girlfriend has been a big influence in his life in a number of ways. She's even helped him stop dipping, he tells Taste of Country. Between Combs' crowning of New Artist of the Year at the 2018 CMA Awards and a recent proposal, the couple has much to celebrate this holiday season.

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