Walker Hayes' "90's Country" may be all about nostalgia for a different time, but the country star has been watching his fans respond to the track through distinctly modern methods. While walking the carpet at the 2018 CMA Awards, Hayes raved to The Boot that today's analytical methods have given him a near-instantaneous understanding of how listeners are reacting to the song.

"It's kind of a good thing and a bad thing, but we have great analytics now!" Hayes exclaims. "So when you drop a song, you know immediately what impact it's having. The impact this song has had has been very similar to "You Broke Up With Me," so I  can't complain with that. I'm pumped that that's the case."

In the '90s, Hayes might not have been able to learn that "90's Country" was resonating with his fans until hearing them sing its lyrics back to him at a show -- but in 2018, artists don't need to wait nearly as long to get a response. "I love listening to my fans' reaction to this song," Hayes adds. "It seems to be very nostalgic to them, and that's why we wrote it. The '90s are having a huge moment right now."

Hayes enjoys involving his fans in every aspect of his career. He keeps his thumb on the pulse of what they like and what they're looking for in the songs he releases, even -- more recently -- letting them weigh in on his tour plans. The name of his headlining 2019 Dream on It Tour, featuring opening act Fillmore, was fan-selected.

"It's especially cool that it's called the Dream on It Tour, [because that name was] chosen by the fans," Hayes notes. "We let fans submit their suggestions. I'm really pumped about how that one turned out. It was giving them a lot of power, right?!"

Still, Hayes admits that if some prankster fans won the poll with a joke name, he might have stepped in with veto power. "If the suggestions were bad, we were just gonna fake it!" he adds with a laugh. "But they ended up giving us the great name, Dream on It, and I love that."

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