Parenthood is tough, especially for busy touring artists who can't necessarily always be nearby to make sure their child -- or, in this case, pup -- is safe. That's why, after a recent scare, Lucie Silvas and John Osborne (of the Brothers Osborne) sat their dog, Barley, down for a serious talk about the important of not running away.

On New Year's Eve, Silvas and Osborne were out of the country while their nephew babysat Barley, who panicked when she heard fireworks and escaped out of the home. Immediately, the couple's friends and neighbors launched into action looking for the lost pup, and Barley was soon discovered -- five miles away, at Osborne's bandmate and brother TJ Osborne's house.

After returning home, Silvas and Osborne filmed a video of themselves expressing their concern to Barley over her recent misadventures. "You know, it's not that your father and I don't trust you, it's just that you're at that age where you could be easily influenced by things," Silvas explained.

"You didn't call us, text us, anything. We were petrified!" Osborne adds.

"Yeah, we're just concerned parents. Do you understand?" Silvas asks, before the camera cuts to an image of Barley, who looks as if she might not quite grasp the gravity of her decision to run away from home.

Hopefully, Barley's solo adventures in the outside world are at an end for the time being: Her parents both have busy touring schedules planned for the upcoming year. Silvas will hit the road with Anderson East as part of his Encore World Tour in 2019, while the Brothers Osborne have announced an extensive headlining tour for this year.

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