Lucie Silvas debuted her captivating new music video for her single "Black Jeans" with Billboard on March 4.

The video was directed by Silvas' longtime collaborator, Jarrad K, and it showcases visuals of Silvas performing on the piano and with rollers in her hair just living a casual day in her life.

Silvas tells Billboard, “I appear in a blond wig, trying out a bunch of different persona, and it comes back to that very simple thing in the end, just being myself and being casual."

"When I'm wearing my black jeans / Maybe you won't even recognize me / And you know that I warned / Just take a back seat / There's a side of me that needs reminding / And that's what makes me feel alive / In my black jeans," Silvas sings.

Silvas says her mother once asked why she didn't wear sparkly or ornate outfits on stage.

"This isn't Dancing With the Stars; it's me going out there and singing my songs," she replied. "So this is a way for me to say I can be dressed up or plain. I just want to wear what I'm wearing, and I don't care how I'm received. That's what the song is about."

"Black Jeans" is the current single off her fourth studio album, E.G.O. (Everybody Gets Off), which debuted in August of 2018.  The project is a concept album about self-determination and being an empowered woman.

Silvas is currently on tour in North America through the summer.

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