Kim Paige recalls her friends listening to Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera while she was digging on her grandmother's Patsy Cline collection. She's an old soul with a biting sense of humor that's a little bit of Patsy, a little bit Carole King and a little Faith Hill.

February's #LetTheGirlsPlay artist of the month lists King as her greatest musical influence. "I sing at the top of my lungs some Carole King songs at my house," Paige says laughing. "I love 'em."

The classically trained pianist turned comedic country singer and songwriter also idolized Hill, and once had a chance to sing with her. She won her way to the stage to sing alongside Hill, even bumping Tim McGraw out of the way to take his microphone. That was a decade ago. Since then she's graduated high school, moved from Florida to Nashville to attend Belmont University and stuck around to begin a successful career. Within the last year, she's really begun to focus on being an artist. Norah Jones is someone she says she really looks up to as a business woman.

"It's funny because all of my influences aren't very country but I grew up very country," Paige says. She took elements from her idols and spun them to create her signature sound. Listen to "We Need a Wife" below and then go find a clip of her song "Go Home L.A." If you're tired of the pop influence on country music you'll appreciate what she has to say.

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