On Friday (Sept. 27), Kristin Chenoweth released her new album, For the Girls, a project dedicated to celebrating iconic female talents across a wide swath of genres. The album packs some big name duets, such as a version of Dolly Parton's "I Will Always Love You" that features Parton herself singing alongside Chenoweth.

That's not For the Girls's only team-up. In her rendition of "I'm a Woman," a tribute to legendary jazz vocalist Peggy Lee, Chenoweth enlists the high-octane vocal talents of Reba McEntire as well as soul and R&B icon Jennifer Hudson. Press play above to hear the three artists team up on "I'm a Woman."

Before releasing her new project, Chenoweth explained to The Boot and other outlets that it was actually an iconic country supergroup that gave her the idea to bring artists from diverse genres together. "Dolly [Parton] set the tone a long time ago, with Emmylou [Harris] and Linda [Ronstadt]. Remember when they had those albums that came out?" Chenoweth explains.

"Three very different talents were melded together. That taught me that 'Hey, you can do something with Reba, and you can do something with Jennifer Hudson. You do you,'" she goes on to say. "So we're doing 'I'm a Woman,' our own version of it, and I'm very proud of it."

Chenoweth also noted that For the Girls was her way of tracing the music she grew up loving back to its roots. "I wanted to honor -- celebrate, actually -- the women who I have always wanted to sing their music. Lesley Gore, Doris Day, Peggy Lee," she explains. "I like to go back to the original source."

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