Kip Moore has been pretty cryptic about his new album, Slowheart. While he recently revealed that his third studio album will be released on Sept. 8, for the most part he's been keeping the songs close to his chest. In an interview with Taste of Country, the singer explains why.

“This is hands down my favorite body of work I’ve been a part of,” Moore admits. “I’ve been writing this record in secret for the last year. I'm always trying to play new songs and I've played the entire 'Wild Ones' record before it even came out. This one, I've held my cards tight. There’s a couple I’ve played out but for the most part this record is going to be a complete discovery process.”

Moore has performed a few of the songs from the record live in concert, but fans will have to wait until release day to hear most of them. Slowheart will also be available on vinyl, but only at concerts.

"What we're talking about doing with this record is making vinyl copies and only selling them at the shows so it will be a special thing for the fans," the singer shares.

Moore says his album will reflect many of his influences, which include '70s rock 'n' roll and Motown. One song called "Just Another Girl" showcases this '70s rock vibe, while others span multiple genres — it's a mixed bag.

“That’s the thing about this record, there are so many colors. You get Motown influences, you get that old Skynyrd, Black Crowes rock 'n' roll feel," he shares. "This record is going to be a neat discovery for a lot of the diehard fans.”

The success of his first two records have made the singer-songwriter more selective in his writing. Moore recalls a soldier approaching him and sharing that his debut album, Up All Night, was on constant rotation while he was serving in Afghanistan. He cites this as the moment when he realized his music had much more weight than he ever knew.

“That was a whole new level of understanding that now your words have a different, profound impact on people. It made me internalize even more now when I’m writing and understanding that you’re not just writing songs in the dark anymore. Now, there’s actually an audience around the world that might hear these songs," he reflects. "It holds more weight when you’re writing. It actually made me focus more on what I’ve been writing, [to] dig even deeper for the right lyric.”

Moore's Slowheart will be released on Sept. 8. His current single, "More Girls Like You," is at radio now.

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