We had the privilege to go with the Market Street managers to visit Kim Spooner
and give her a dozen roses for being a great community volunteer!


Kim received a dozen roses and Valentine's candy from Market Street, Thanks to her friend, Kimberly Rike!

Kimberly writes: Kim is tireless in her efforts to help every animal in San Angelo to have a safe, loving home.

Not only does Kim advocate for animal rescue, but she is tenacious when  it comes to helping lost animals be reunited with their families. If an animal goes missing, she is the first person tagged on a Facebook post.

If she sees a dog running loose, she contains it until the owner is found. Kim has a microchip scanner and is regularly called at all hours to help identify "found" dogs so they can be returned to their owners.

Kim loves animals, but loves people even more! She knows the joy pets bring their owners, and the sadness when a pet goes missing. She generously gives her time and heart in these efforts because she genuinely cares for people in our community.

Congratulations to Kim from Market Street and this Townsquare Media Station!

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