Justin Moore drives home the pain of a rocky relationship in his new song, "On the Rocks."

Moore delivers a classic tear-in-your-beer song with "On the Rocks," the melancholy nature of the song captured in the waning melody anchored by guitar. Moore takes us inside the bar where he drowns his pain after a tough breakup, comparing a woman's love to a stiff drink he can't seem to quit.

The lyrics, penned by Moore, Chase McGill, Jeremy Stover and Paul DiGiovanni, show us a mental image of his ex sipping a glass of wine at her mother's house while the singer pours his sorrows into shots of liquor, his twang-filled vocals bringing emotion to such thoughts as "Before I slam the door / I said 'go to hell' / Call my buddies up / Now they're watchin' me drink by myself / 'Til they cut me off / Or 'til the doors are locked / Bartender, don't stop, pour it on me / 'Cause this whiskey ain't the only thing on the rocks."

“This is one of my favorite songs on the record, and it’s even one of my wife’s favorites...though I don’t know what that says about my marriage,” he jokes to Grammy.com about the heartbreak song. “It could even be my best vocal on any song of my career, and it doesn’t really sound like anything we’ve ever recorded.”

"On the Rocks" is the latest release from Moore's upcoming album, Late Night and LongnecksMoore tells Taste of Country that his fifth studio album will be one of his most traditional country albums, as well as the "most mature." Late Night and Longnecks drops on July 26.

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