While Jordan Davis may be feeling the pressure to meet high standards for his sophomore album following the success of his studio debut, Home State, the singer says that the upside to having hit so many milestones with his first record is a newfound confidence in his abilities as a performer and recording artist.

"You know, that first album is something you put out and you hope people connect to," Davis explains. "I guess, now, we've made a connection; they know who I am. So there is a little bit of 'You know what? Just do what you do' [going into the studio]."

With an album that produced the chart-topping song "Singles You Up" and the fast-climbing single "Take It From Me" under his belt, the country star knows that he must be doing something right, and that, therefore, the best thing he can do for his next project is to keep his head down and continue to do what works.

"And that's exactly how I've approached it: I've continued to write songs exactly like I have," Davis goes on to say.

Although Davis is early in the process of making his next album -- he explains that he's "only two songs in" -- one thing's for sure: Fans can expect the same kind of energy and dedication to craft that Davis brought to his first album, albeit perhaps with a few updates to reflect the singer's life and who he is as a performer this time around.

"I'll continue to put out songs like I did with Home State," he adds, "and I hope it reacts the same way."

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