After he put out his debut single, "Best Shot," country star Jimmie Allen started hearing from couples who decided to play his song at their wedding, and even one long-distance military couple who adopted the song's meaning as their own. Now, the singer has released "Make Me Want To," a follow-up single that is perhaps even more romance-ready than his first. According to Allen, the song's storyline portrays a man deciding to open himself up to love, even if vulnerability may not come naturally to him.

"The song paints a scene of a guy meeting a girl at a bar, from a shallow standpoint," Allen explained recently to The Boot and other media. "Really, when you listen to the song a little bit more, it's a song about a guy being able to be vulnerable and saying, 'You know what? I have feelings for you. I want more than just tonight. I want forever.'"

You might think that Allen's songwriting skills would help him out when it comes to navigating his own romantic relationships, but the singer insists that isn't the case. He goes on to say that, in fact, he encounters plenty of pitfalls in his own love life.

"Man, I'm weird," Allen adds dryly. "I got commitment issues. I'm scared of people. Insecure."

Still, Allen says, he's got a lot of good qualities going for him: "In relationships, I'm fun. I'm easy," he adds. "I love chick flicks, all the sentimental stuff. I love romance novels, romance movies.

"I'll send flowers for no reason," he goes on to say. "I remember one time, I had a girlfriend. I was dead broke but I went to the store and bought some peaches and carved out 'I love you' in peaches. I was trying to think fast, because I had no money, but I did have some fruit."

Allen admits that he's gotten better in relationships thanks to getting older and wiser, as well as receiving helpful input from all of the women he grew up around. "The more I've gotten to know a lot of women in my life, and my sisters and grandmother, they tell me that, a lot of times, it's not really about you spending that $400 bill on dinner," he relates. "That's cool and all, but I feel like when you put in a little thought and try to make your time together just your time, that stuff has a lot more heart-pulling longevity."

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