Jessie James Decker stepped out on the stage at Windy City Smokeout Friday night (July 12) and quickly put the crowd in a frenzy when she invited her hubby, Eric Decker, to join her.

The former NFL player seemed quite comfortable onstage, as he proceeded to get downright sexy with his talented wife during her performance of her 2015 Top 40 hit “Lights Down Low.”

While onstage, Eric Decker took the time to get up close and personal not only with his wife, but with fans — many of whom got to know him via the couple's popular reality show. Indeed, the sparks seem to continue to shine bright with this fan-favorite couple, who have been married since 2013.

Those sparks were not only evident on this particular night in Chicago, but are also evident whenever they talk about one another and their future together.

“[We feel most at home in] Nashville, because it’s always been the most consistent place since I did move around so much growing up,” Jessie James Decker said in a recent interview. “My husband grew up in Minnesota, but he fell madly in love with Nashville, too. This is where we want to stay.”

But for Decker, who recently put out her own spin on the massive hit "Old Town Road," the stage also seems like a consistent home for her. Before her Windy City Smokeout set was through, she turned up the heat on her set with a cover of the Shania Twain hit "Man! I Feel Like a Woman!"

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