Retro video game author Jeffrey Wittenhagen will be hanging out at this year's San Angelo Comic Con.

Wittenhagen is a dyed-in-the-wool retro gamer, and his 10 books, which you can check out here, prove it. To pick his brain at an event like San Angelo Comic Con is not only a great opportunity for gamers, but future writers as well.

Wittenhagen will be at San Angelo Comic Con, which happens, Oct. 12-14th, 2018.



Here's Wittenhagen's bio:

Jeffrey Wittenhagen is an avid retro video game writer (with 10 books published!), collector, gamer and a cohost of the VGBS Gaming Podcast. As time has gone on, he has written an award winning gaming book called Hidden Treasures (recently re-released as Hidden Gaming Gems: Generation by Generation) and has published multiple retro gaming collector books such as: The Complete NES, The Complete SNES as well as NES Oddities & the Homebrew Revolution. He also has done compendiums to go along with the books consisting of personal stories from contributors and passionate gamers.

We've already announced a bunch of cool stuff and amazing guests for this year's San Angelo Comic Con, including:

The 2018 San Angelo Comic Con happens Oct. 12th - 14th at the Foster Communications Coliseum. To get your tickets and more information, visit their official site.

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