Jason Aldean's son Memphis, who will be 2 at the beginning of December, is already getting his country music pose down. Based on a photo his dad shared of him on Instagram, the kid is—visually at least—on his way to stardom.

The photo shows Memphis dressed in, okay, yeah, a onesie, which doesn't exactly scream "superstar." (He's a toddler, what do you expect?)  However, he's accessorized with a cowboy hat, boots, and a perfect side-gaze, and therefore it's not too hard to imagine him carrying on his dad's legacy one day, with some photo chemistry like that.

"We gotta work on his wardrobe but at least he has the hat and the boots," notes Aldean.

Meanwhile, mom Brittany posted her own fetching shot, showing the all-too-adorable kiddo in yet another star-worthy pose showing off his jammies, boots and hat. "My little superstar in the making," she proudly captioned the photo.

Memphis, as well as his little sister Navy, seems to favor his father in looks overwhelmingly, at least according to most fans' comments. Even Brittany acknowledges this, having posted a shot of her daughter and noting her pre-delivery prayer "This one WILL look like me, this one WILL look like me"!

Aldean shared details of his ninth studio album on Monday (Sept. 9). The project — simply titled 9 — will be ready before Thanksgiving and include his just-released single "We Back."

Additionally, Aldean shared three more new songs with fans: "Blame It on You," "I Don't Drink Anymore" and "Keep It Small Town" are all available on digital service providers. "We Back" was shipped to radio this week. The 9 album will be available on Nov. 22.

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