Clint Black, and his wife, Lisa Hartman Black, stopped by the Big D and Bubba studio. They came in to talk about their new song together and just have some fun as only Clint Black can.

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The conversation started with some Christmas cheer. Big D talked about the ornament he ordered of Clint and Lisa. Then it turned weird. Big D brought up a German tradition of "hide the pickle" in the Christmas tree. Whoever finds it essentially "wins". It all ended with Clint telling a dad joke about Bubba.

Clint and Lisa Hartman have a new song together. Give it a listen.

We learned about Clint and Lisa's Christmas plans. It boils (pun intended) down to food. Lots and lots of food. They do have a teenage daughter so that will certainly keep them busy.

They teased Clint with a "random" guitar in the studio. They said it was tuned but, as Clint said, "it was tuned. Just not by someone who knew how to." He picked it up and did some random picking. Clint and Lisa do do some random singing while at the house. Clint actually has a set up to do just that.

All of that lead to Big D, Bubba and Patrick talking about Clint's last visit where they had a sing along to "The Galaxy Song" from Monty Python.

So good. So fun.

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