Texas Hill is a brand new trio of guys you've liked for a while as solo artists. These three sound so great together, too. It's Casey James, Craig Wayne Boyd and Adam Wakefield. They took some time to stop by the Big D and Bubba studio so we could get to know them a little better.

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Casey James, Craig Wayne Boyd and Adam Wakefield have one thing in common, they were discovered on singing competitions like American Idol or The Voice. But they also compliment each other vocally perfectly. Kinda like chicken, whether it's fried or grilled or baked, it's still chicken. The sum of the chicken.

Take a listen to Love Me When I'm Leaving.

As three guys will do, they rip on each other a lot. They can keep each other's egos in check for sure. Take a listen to "Easy On The Eyes" from Texas Hill.

Here is Texas Hill with "Four Roses."

Casey James and Craig Wayne Boyd are Texas natives, having grown up on either side of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. Adam Wakefield hails from New Hampshire. The three of them came together in 2019 and the music just flowed naturally from the trio. Learn more about them in the visit with Big D and Bubba at the top of the page.

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