So I owe the other tenants in my apartment complex a sincere apology. Because I am pretty sure I am driving them crazy.

You see, I was driving the same car, a Subaru Impreza for about 4 years and had gotten used to it.

Well recently, my lease was up meaning I'd have to give the car back, or buy it.

But my parents surprised me. You see they had recently gotten a new car and offered to give me their old one.

It's a great car and I love it. The only problem is the key.

On my old key fob, I had a button for:





But on this new key, there is no trunk button. I have to open the trunk by manually unlocking it with the key. Now normally this would be no problem but I keep forgetting that this key fob is different.

It is only:




And since i'm so used to hitting the third button to unlock my trunk, I keep accidentally pushing the panic button setting off my car alarm at random points during the day.

So if you are at your apartment in the next few days, or at the grocery store, or at Chick Fil A, and randomly see a Nissan Sentra blaring its car alarm, just know that that's me still trying to figure out how cars work.

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