Like everyone else, I've been known to follow popular trends.  I have already had a Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks and I'll try a big variety of pumpkin spice foods and drinks as the Fall season evolves.  Yearning to embrace my new "Texas" home, the pumpkin spice products I've tasted so far have left me unsatisfied.

We like things bigger in Texas.  That includes our love for pumpkin spice. In a recent nationwide survey, of all the U.S. States, Texas ranked #4 for the popularity of this Fall flavor.

Texas ranks high in the consumption of tamales also.  Tamales were the first dish made from corn in the ancient Americas.  Evidence of tamale cooking can be found among the ancient civilizations of Mexico as early as 8,000 B.C.  The word "tamale" derives from the Aztec word "tamalli" meaning "wrapped food".

There are many tamale recipes. They have a major place in many Latin cultures, but have become a multi-cultural hit, especially around the holidays here in Texas. Tamales are a holiday tradition.

I have found so many social media posts from Texans complaining that they would rather have tamales than pumpkin spice, like seemingly everyone else in the world. Why does it have to be an either/or situation?  Why not put them together?

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What better way to experience true Texas style pumpkin spice than to blend the popularity of the flavor with the superstar status of tamales.  In my quest, I uncovered a company called Texas Lone Star Tamales. Thumbing through their website, I came across the true embodiment of pumpkin spice in the ultimate "Texas" style. So, i ordered some creamy pumpkin spice tamales.

Photo: Texas Lonestar Tamales
Photo: Texas Lonestar Tamales


This is the perfect way to make pumpkin spice truly Texas.

This is not an ad for Texas Lonestar Tamales.  I only mention them, because I ran across their website on the internet and I wanted my first pumpkin spice tamale experience not to be something I, as a mediocre cook, tried to concoct in my less than organized kitchen.

While their pumpkin spice tamales were amazing, I have since run across multiple recipes online for pumpkin spice tamales.  I think this is a pumpkin spice trend that needs to go viral.  Pump the hashtag #pumpkinspicetamales.  What?! You still think Fall is an either or proposition? Tamales or Pumpkin Spice.  That's so 2021. It's time to put them together.

Now, that's how we can make pumpkin spice true Texas!

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