I am a little skittish.  Sometimes, I ride around with my best friend who drives a 2016 Ford Expedition.  It's a great vehicle.  There's lots of room.  We can carry our gear whenever we go fishing.  When I need to take my mom, who needs a wheelchair, somewhere, the Expedition has plenty of room.

Hearing about the latest recall, though, I'm not so sure I want to ride with him anymore.  At least I think I'll wait until he gets it fixed. The latest recall is the 52nd recall of the year for Ford.  I'm just wondering how I should say it.  Maybe, I just claim I'm too busy to hang out.  Or, I want to take my car since it's not a dangerous fireball in the making. There has to be some acceptable etiquette about this.

Photo: Carsforsale.com
Photo: Carsforsale.com

Ford has announced they're recalling 200,000 2015-2017 Ford Expeditions and Lincoln Navigator vehicles for an unusual reason. They vehicles have a front blower motor that's right behind the glove compartment that can fail.  When it fails, fires occur.  So far 25 fires have happened associated with the faulty part.  Twelve of the fires caused major damage to the vehicles. Three of the fires damaged the structures they were parked in.  One of the fires damaged another vehicle.

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What?! One of the fires damaged another vehicle.  Do we have to worry now when a 2015-2017 Expedition or Navigator pulls up next to us at any one of San Angelo's world famously long stoplights.  It's bad enough when a vehicle  recall threatens a vehicle someone else owns, but when their vehicle's recall can affect your vehicle, then that makes me worry even more.

And knowing that about this recall makes me wonder if there are other vehicles I should be worried about pulling up next to me at the stoplight.  When I see a jalopy with blue smoke trying to pull up beside me I always try to get one lane over if I can.  Now, I have to be concerned about recalls on vehicles I don't even own.

With all this going on, I'm surprised Flo From Progressive, Jake from State Farm and that goofy lemu aren't a lot more stressed.  I'm going to keep a fire extinguisher handy at all times, and hope the best.

Ford says dealers can start fixing the problem free of charge starting in mid-September. Good luck with that. I'm sure appointments will take awhile given the 51 recalls that have happened before this one. I just hope my friend trades up to an Escalade.  What? You say there was a recall on 2020 Escalades due to a missing fuel pump pressure regulator.

We're living in a recall nightmare. They say cars are getting safer.  Really? I am concerned. Maybe it's time to ride a bike. Bikes get recalled too, but at least they don't usually catch fire. At least not through "normal" use.

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