Sam Hunt is officially off the market, as he announced his engagement to longtime girlfriend Hannah Lee Fowler earlier this year. In an interview on Wednesday (Jan. 24) with the radio show Ty, Kelly & Chuck, the singer revealed that he proposed while the two were on a spiritual trip to Israel.

“[The engagement] was exciting, I thought it was going to be a cinch when I got the ring, put it in my pocket the day I planned on asking her to marry me,” he admits (quote via Nash Country Daily). “Once you have the ring in your pocket and the clock is ticking, you know, you could do it at any moment, it becomes a bigger deal than you think. It worked out perfectly. We took a trip over to Israel, and we were traveling and visiting all these really cool places and learning about that part of the world. There were a lot of places we were visiting that were really spiritual and it really connected us in a deeper spiritual way.”

Who Is Hannah Lee Fowler? Sam Hunt's Girlfriend

Fowler is the woman who inspired many of the songs on Hunt's smash debut album, Montevallo. The couple dated on and off for years, and their breakup and its aftermath inspired "Drinkin' Too Much," the song Hunt released by surprise on Jan. 1. They confirmed rumors that they were back together and had gotten engaged the following day. Hunt wrote his next single, "Body Like a Back Road," following their engagement.

Hunt confesses that he came to the realization that it was either marry Fowler or continue the bachelor lifestyle. He knew she was meant to be part of his life, and once he realized that, he then tried to convince her. Hunt says the two actually got into a heated argument before he proposed.

“I had the ring ready and we actually got into this little disagreement, just before I planned on asking her to marry me, the night before I planned to ask her,” he shares. “I think because I felt like this disagreement spoiled my big plan to ask her to marry me, it irritated me a little more, which contributed to making the little fight worse and it escalated to the point where it actually worked out. We got real for a minute, after this little riff that we had. In that moment, it just felt perfect. Everything — after I asked her to marry me — just fizzled away and we celebrated and got excited together.”

Hunt's 2017 is kicking into high gear. The singer has announced a summer tour and the upcoming release of  “Body Like a Back Road,” which is set for radio release on Feb. 1. Hunt's summer schedule includes a stop at the Taste of Country Music Festival in Hunter, N.Y., in June.

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