It's fall, y'all -- cozy up with some new country tunes! Read on for a fresh batch of songs sure to keep you warm and toasty.

Hootie & the Blowfish, "Hold On":

"Hold On" may have been the last track that Hootie & the Blowfish recorded for their forthcoming new album, Imperfect Circle, but the bandmates agree that the tune immediately became a standout track. "I remember listening to it in the back of the bus and it was just perfect -- what it meant to me and what it would mean in today's world," notes bassist Dean Felber in a press release. Co-penned by Chris Stapleton and Jim Beavers, "Hold On" is Imperfect Circle's only outside cut. The new project's release date is just around the corner, coming on Nov. 1. -- CL

Cole Swindell, "No One Rocks Mine":

Cole Swindell’s latest release, “No One Rocks Mine,” is a romantic tune about being completely in love with someone special, even when you're far away. Throughout the song, Swindell compares his love to his world travels, singing “I've heard the waves hit the West Coast / There ain't a thing out there that even comes close / I've been around this world a time or two / And no one rocks mine like you.” "No One Rocks Mine" comes off Swindell's Down Home Sessions V EP. -- CC

Clare Dunn, "Gold to Glitter":

Clare Dunn gives her trademark big vocals and rock-tinged guitarwork a shimmery treatment in "Gold to Glitter," a spirited ode to the Colorado sky under which she grew up. "Sunset has always been my favorite time of day, and the sunsets I grew up watching were spectacular," the singer explains in a press release. "Gold to Glitter" is one of two new songs from Dunn, along with another tune inspired by her hometown memories, "Money's All Gone." -- CL

Charles Esten, "A Road and a Radio":

After taking a well-deserved break since ending his Guinness World Record-breaking, 54-song #EverySingleFriday campaign in 2017, Charles Esten is back with new music. The singer has shared "A Road and a Radio," a high-energy anthem to life lived out in the great wide open.

"The freedom and spirit-regenerating power of being on the open road with the person and the music you love isn't just a piece of American mythology. It's real," Esten muses in a press release. "This song attempts to capture a little bit of that. It would be nice to think that maybe when somebody out there, in an attempt to get away from it all, decides to get 'a song turned up' and 'a ragtop down,' this just might be one of the songs they turn up." -- CL

Aubrie Sellers, "Worried Mind":

Aubrie Sellers is sharing another track off of her upcoming sophomore album, Far From Home. "Worried Mind" is an honest explanation of how people can feel when they are overcome with anxiety. Sellers opens up to listeners to express how vulnerable and alone she can feel at times while trying to navigate the heavy mindset.

“I struggle with anxiety and am very open about it in my writing because I want other people who go through this to realize they aren’t the only ones,” Aubrie says in a press release about “Worried Mind.” “It can be very isolating to be stuck in your own head in this way, and to be surrounded by others who don’t fully understand it. This may be a part of my life or your life but it’s only a part, and in a way it may be a good thing because it makes us who we are. That’s what I hope this song brings to people.” Far From Home is expected to be released on Feb. 7. -- CC

Canaan Smith, "Pour Decisions":

Canaan Smith is unapologetic for his rowdy behavior in "Pour Decisions," a swagger-happy new banger all about blowing off steam and opting for the fun choice over the responsible one. It all starts with breakup that turns into a rollicking good time, leading to one, er, "pour decision" after another.

"I let her go, I let her leave / I never got to gettin' down on my knee," he sings in the song's tongue-in-cheek first verse. "I said some things I didn't mean / And I've got a couple more of those up my sleeve..." -- CL 

Temecula Road, "Maybe Not":

Temecula Road show off their flirty, poppy side in "Maybe Not," a harmony-rich tune that calls to mind the fluttery feeling of meeting someone new and exciting. Despite its upbeat final form, the group say in a press release that "Maybe Not" actually began as a ballad.

"But after playing it on the road for over a year, it took on a new life as a fun, flirty, more up-tempo love song," notes Emma Salute. Her bandmate (and sister!) Maddie Salute adds, "If you had to describe it using only one emoji, it'd definitely be the winky face." -- CL

Willie Jones, "Whole Lotta Love":

Willie Jones puts all his cards on the table in his soulful new single, "Whole Lotta Love," a song that dedicates his heart and soul to the one he loves -- despite the fact that he doesn't have much of money to offer. That declaration can be comically literal ("I ain't got a pot to piss in / But I got some pot to smoke," he sings in the second verse) or sweepingly romantic ("I'm gonna love you for a lifetime / 'Til I take my dying breath").

"This song came from a place where, 'If you're down for me, I'm down for you,'" notes Jones in a press release. "I'm a romantic guy, and we were playing around with the guitar and some chords and I just free-styled a melody and boom...'A Whole Lotta Love.'" -- CL 

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