You may or may not remember (I know I remember), but I was here at Townsquare San Angelo from 2014 until 2017 on Kickin' Country 103.1. You may be asking yourself where the hell have I been in the last four years. Well, let me give you a quick update.

I was in Waco for a couple of years (to the east in Waco), doing what I love and playing the role of minor local celebrity at concerts and other places around Central Texas.

Next, I moved down I-35 (and fought that typical 35 traffic along the way) to Austin. I love to play and watch sports. In fact, I play baseball as you can see from the photo above, which is a baseball card of me and former Cleveland Indian Max Alvis at Cleveland Indians Fantasy Baseball Camp. While down in Austin, I was lucky enough to find a spot on the dial doing high school sports play by play for a couple of schools in the area on a part-time basis.

In addition to that, I became a federal employee working for a government agency that likes to take your money (I think you know what department I'm talking about). As a person who's good with numbers, the job fit me well, but I missed being in radio full time.

Just recently I was presented with an opportunity to come back to radio on a full-time basis, and wouldn't you know it was at a place that is very familiar to me. So here I am, back at Townsquare San Angelo.

So you're likely to see me out and about here in the Concho Valley, whether it's at a concert at Coopers, at a bar or restaurant downtown or at any event that comes to San Angelo.

Catch me on the dial at KGKL 97.5, on the KGKL 97.5 FM Country Mobile App and keep coming back to my page here on our website. Hope to see you around!

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