Several efforts are coming together to help our neighbors in the Panhandle who lost much, if not everything during the fires.


BnC Outdoors has begun collecting fencing material to be sent to Panhandle Ranchers. They are working with Grogan's Farm & Ranch along with the Schleicher County Extension Agent.

They're requesting donations of barbed wire, net wire, T-posts, tie wire, hinges, and other related items. Donations of extra material on hand or new material may be dropped off at Grogan or at the Extension Office in Eldorado. All donations will be taken to those in need at the end of this month.

Palmer Feed and Supply is responding to a request from Texas State Officials asking for supplies to feed and maintain approximately 10,000 head of livestock, including horses.

Palmer Feed is donating and delivering a 21 ton truckload of their 16% Cattle Keeper, a supplemental feed that should provide necessary nutrition for all livestock. The donation, including shipping, has an estimated value between 8 & 10 thousand dollars.

If you would like to help underwrite additional feed shipments, go to or
call Bridget or Ivana at 325-653-6567; Hattie at 325-655-7111 or Andy at the Texas Agrilife Office in Canadian at 806-323-9117.

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