The world is full of conspiracy theories, they range from, area 51 having aliens, to the moon landing being faked. Some are WAY out there and completely ridiculous.

BUT there are some that if you really think about it, actually have some legit points.

  1. The size or overall lack of pockets on women's clothing is done purposefully by the clothing industry so women will have to buy purses.
  2. New Coke was created in the 80's and was purposefully made poorly so people would demand the old coke back. Pepsi was catching up with coke in sales and they needed to re establish dominance.
  3. The government doesn't actually need you to do your taxes. They have the information and ability to file them for you. But the tax industry is a multi billion dollar industry and they'd never allow it.
  4. Cities across Minnesota have had people report a sinister humming and high pitch noise coming from the sky. Many claim it's aliens. Who knows. There's even a video.

Those are my 4 favorites that might actually be true.

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