If you have never been on Tik Tok, then you may not know that some of the videos can be, well, slightly inappropriate.

Tik Tok is a massively popular social media platform where the only thing users can post is videos. One of the most common types are video voice-overs where users lip-sync to a background song, movie quotes or other audio from their vast library.

However, not all of the content is family-appropriate. As a matter of fact, I would argue (I have Tik Tok) that most of it isn't. And until now, there wasn't really anything parents could do to monitor their kids on the platform other than ban them from using it.

Tik Tok has now added a feature called 'family pairing' which allows parents to directly access their children's accounts from their own phones. With this new feature parents can do things like disable direct messages, set screen time limits, and activate ‘restricted content’ mode.

If you have a child that has Tik Tok, you may want to consider getting this feature for yourself to make sure they're being safe.

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