Flatland Cavalry are releasing a profoundly powerful new video for a new song titled "Other Side of Lonesome," which bears a message that strikes deep at the heart of one of society's biggest problems.

"Other Side of Lonesome" juxtaposes rock, country twang and Americana, coupled with a lyric that admonishes people who are hurting or feeling alone that there are others out there who care and feel the same way.

Flatland Cavalry lead singer and guitarist Cleto Cordero wrote the song after his fiance, Kaitlin, woke him up with a phone call in the early morning hours the day after the mass shooting at the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas. Seeing the images on social media, Cordero says he wondered, 'What if that were me? What if that were Kaitlin? What if my friends and family were there!?'

"I remember a few questions stood out amongst them all," Cordero tells us. "What was he thinking, the gunman? What if I could stop someone from doing something like this in the first place!? What would I say to someone so distraught, so depressed, so believed-to-be invisible and hurting that the only way to express their hurt was through the use of senseless violence?"

He took out his notebook and wrote down what would become the song's tag line: "On the other side of lonesome, there's a place for you."

"I wrote what I would’ve said to the gunman, or someone like that in that state of mind," he says, adding that while he knows words are no magical cure for what someone is going through, other people's words to him have helped pull him through some of his own darkest times.

"My hope while penning the tune was that maybe it could speak to the lonesome and remind them that there is a place for them, that there is somebody willing to listen to their hurting cries, that someone does care about the fact that they are breathing," he reflects.

Directed by Natalie Rhea, the video for "Other Side of Lonesome" depicts a police officer entering a school with his gun drawn, desperately searching the classrooms for a gunman who's been reported on the premises. While he doesn't find a gunman in the classrooms or bathrooms or the lunchroom, he witnesses some of the daily casual cruelties of students picking on the most vulnerable kids among them, bullying them and making light of their pain. The video ends with a powerful cliffhanger scene of the officer finally confronting the gunman — a young student who's been pushed to the edge. The video debuts with Taste of Country today.

"Other Side of Lonesome" appears on Flatland Cavalry's sophomore album, Homeland Insecurity, which they released in January. The Lubbock, Texas-based group worked hard to take a more mature approach that marks true growth from their previous releases. Cordero is hopeful that the work and passion they poured into the song and video will resonate.

"My current hope is that the person hearing 'Other Side of Lonesome' or catching the video will become more mindful of their neighbors and what they might be going through," he states. "We cannot underestimate the power of a listening ear, genuine kindness, and the weight and healing power of a hug."

He offers one final message for those who might need to hear it most right now.

"There is a place for you," Cordero affirms. "I wouldn’t have written it if I didn’t truly believe so.”

For more information about Flatland Cavalry, visit their official website, or follow them on Twitter and Instagram.

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