Sometimes, there's nothing more liberating than ripping the band-aid off and ending a bad relationship. Aaron Watson puts a playful spin on a sad situation in his newest single, "Kiss That Girl Goodbye," which he released in January.

Now, the singer has shared a live acoustic performance of the song that celebrates its free, fun-loving message anymore. Press play above to watch the performance, which Watson gave in the studio of The Boot's partner site, Taste of Country.

When he first released the song, Watson explained on Twitter that after meeting a tearful fan who had been stood up, he got inspired to write a kiss-off song to help her tell her deadbeat date to hit the road. "I wanted to come out of the gates with a fast, fun boot-stomper," Watson adds. "My [daughter] Jolee Kate loves it and says it has GIRL POWER!"

Watson's trademark onstage energy shines through, even in this stripped-down studio version of "Kiss That Girl Goodbye." The singer can't hide his infectious grin as he and his band perform the song, trading jokey glances and laughs over the course of the performance.

"Kiss That Girl Goodbye" is the first single off of Watson's latest studio album, Red Bandanawhich officially came out on June 21. Clocking in at 20 tracks long -- every single one of which was written solely by the artist -- the project is arguably Watson's most ambitious work to date. Before releasing Red Bandana, he told The Boot that the album was his best work to date, adding, "if this is the last album I make, I'm fine with that."

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