Eric Church's 5-year-old son is on tour with the singer, but it's far from all fun and games for Boone. In fact, Church has been putting his son to work throughout his Holdin' My Own Tour.

Currently, Boone acts as a roadie while on tour with his father. As Church explains, Boone's main job each night is "choir wrangler."

"The choir rehearses in a separate room," Church says (quote via Sounds Like Nashville). "So, he’ll go in and be around Jill, who’s another person on the tour who works with us. It’s Boone and Jill, they’re the choir wranglers. Boone’s got a radio, he’s got his flashlight, he’s got a little work belt and his pass, he goes in there, and he’ll make sure that when the choir’s ready to go, it’s his job and Jill’s job to move these teenagers – he calls them teenagers – with flashlights over to where the show is.”

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Boone is serious about his job and makes sure his father knows when the choir is in place. As it turns out, Boone also keeps Church in line and on time when it's his turn to take the stage. Church shares that his own tour manager is impressed with his son's ability to keep him punctual.

“My tour manager said, ‘I’ve been trying to get you on stage on time for a decade and your son has a better chance of that.’ Because Boone, you tell a 5-year-old we’re getting close, and you put it back down and 20 seconds later, ‘You comin’?’ ‘We’re getting close.’ But you know, it’s this constant, he’s wearing me out,” he admits. “So, we do get to the stage quicker than we used to . . . He’s helping out, and he’s having a big time with it.”

Church kicked off his headlining tour earlier this year. The shows are unusual in that he plays for over three hours with no opening act.

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