There is a good chance that little Madalynn Grace had worked for hours on her TikTok dance. She had synchronized the movements and made sure she had every move right and finally pushed record…when her grandpa, Duane "Dog the Bounty Hunter" Chapman, decided to walk right through her shot.

And it's hilarious.

Shared on Duane Chapman’s Twitter page, the video shows little Madalynn rocking out to the song “Rockstar” by DaBaby. As the daughter of Chapman’s daughter Lyssa Chapman starts dancing, Chapman unknowingly walks by in the background, stopping for just a moment to wave to the camera.

All his granddaughter could do was laugh in embarrassment.

It's a happy moment in what has been a year of extreme ups and downs for Chapman. His wife, Beth Chapman, died last June at the age of 51 after a battle with cancer. In May of 2020, Chapman revealed that he is engaged to his current girlfriend, Francie Frane.

"I think that it's really hard for people to see dad move on,” Lyssa Chapman admitted during an interview earlier this year. “It’s hard for us, it's hard for the world. Beth and Dog were always together for everything. So it's been an adjustment period."

Despite this, Lyssa seems happy that her famous father is finding a reason to smile once again.

"We went through a lot of turmoil recently, so to just see him happy is all any of the kids really want,” she added. “They seem to really be into each other and it's great to see him smile after going through such heartache for so long. So the fact that he can pack that up and still feel grateful for everything that he went through in that experience and move on and have another happy life — that's very freeing."

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