Those who've watched the first few episodes of Dog's Most Wanted on WGN have seen plenty of Beth Chapman, the late matriarch of the bounty hunting family. Recently fans of the late Dog the Bounty Hunter star learned she replaced chemotherapy with CBD as her cancer prognosis turned grim.

CBD, or cannabidiol, can help ease pain caused by cancer. By turning to this form of treatment, Chapman was able to start eating and sleeping again. Duane "Dog" Chapman remarks during last week's (Oct. 9) episode that Beth gained back about half of the 20 pounds she lost when she stopped eating due to chemo.

Previously, Beth Chapman's daughter Bonnie revealed that her 51-year-old mother quit chemotherapy after one round because she wanted to preserve her dignity. That played out during the Oct. 2 episode of Dog's Most Wanted, according to Hollywood Life. Doctors said she had no chance of surviving Stage IV lung cancer. Her cancer was deemed incurable.

Viewers know how the story ends. Beth Chapman died in June after being hospitalized for a short time. In the weeks that followed, Duane invited fans to share stories and be a part of her celebration of life in respectful ways. He also did many interviews leading up to the premiere of Dog's Most Wanted, his new reality television show on WGN.

The physical and emotional labor may have taken a toll on him, however — last month he was hospitalized with a heart emergency that turned out to be a pulmonary embolism. The 66-year-old shares that to fight the life-threatening condition, he has altered his diet, started taking blood thinners and is working on breaking his smoking habit.

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