It all started as a campaign in 2016. Ask for Angela. "Angela" is a fictional character that has been used to raise awareness and help prevent sexual assaults. When at a bar or in a club and feeling uncomfortable or threatened, you can simply go to the staff and "ask for Angela".

  • Are you on a date that is not working out?
  • Is your date not who they said they were online or in their profile?
  • Are you in an unsafe situation?
  • Does something just not feel right?
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According to a blog posted up by binwise, the "ask for Angela" idea quickly gained popularity on social media and was taken even further by a bartender named Benjamin Smith. He suggested three types of angel shots one could order or ask for at the bar.

Photo: Getty Images/Canva
Photo: Getty Images/Canva

Depending on which shot is ordered, the restaurant or bar will recognize the meaning and know what to do. The three shots are:

  • Angel Shot with lime or twist. This would be a request to call the police, due to some sort of emergency.
  • Angel Shot on ice, with ice, or on the rocks. This would be a request for the staff to call a taxi, Uber, etc.
  • Angel Shot neat or straight up. Ordering this shot would mean the guest wants an escort to their vehicle.

The news video below from abc4 in Utah goes into more detail about this safety campaign.

Restaurants and bars from all around have jumped on board. It's free and easy to implement. The main priority is staying safe.

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