Brothers Osborne find themselves the unfortunate victims of a robbery in their "Ain't My Fault" music video. Brothers TJ and John Osborne partnered with directors Wes Edwards and Ryan Silver for the hilarious video, which finds them the subjects of some seriously fake news.

The idea for the music video originated as a comedic spoof on the action film Point Break, a (real) press release explains. In the four-minute clip, the duo portray pawn shop owners who are robbed at gunpoint by four masked men disguised as former and the current president. The masked presidents run through the streets of East Nashville as they are being chased by police.

“The media these days is flooded with all things presidential and politics,” John Osborne notes. “No matter what happens, politicians all seem to pin the blame on something else as opposed to being accountable for their own actions. We felt the connection with the song title was perfect.”

The guys set up a clever fake news website as part of the video roll out, where news articles detail the robbery.

"Witnesses reportedly heard one of the bandits yelling 'You made a mistake, you got the wrong guy, I’m only guilty of a damn good time' as he was being handcuffed and lead into the back of a police cruiser," one article states. "At least 3 bandits are still having a little fun on the run as police continue their search. Helicopters have been called in to assist in the search. Authorities are looking for additional witnesses to testify when the suspects have their day in court."

“John and I always like song titles that aren’t immediately obvious but are common everyday sayings," TJ Osborne adds. "We’re all guilty of saying ‘It Ain’t My Fault’ more so than it actually being true. When our co-writer, Lee Thomas Miller, brought up the idea we loved it. We wanted a video that was as exciting as the music.”

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