Stephanie Quayle has been wholly inspired by her single, "Winnebago" — in fact, she's taking it literally.

Quayle will hit the road this summer in an actual RV, taking a cross-country trip from one coast to the other. She says the minute she was introduced to the tune, it spoke to her. “I heard that song and I just wanted to go live that song,” she tells Taste of Country. “It’s the ultimate road trip.”

Quayle is understandably excited about the adventure, but she’s got a couple of anxieties, too, like, "How do you change a Winnebago flat tire?"

Hopefully she won’t need to have that knowledge at the ready, but the singer says she won’t be the one driving anyway — she’s too easily distracted. "I can’t Snapchat and all those other things while driving. It’s very dangerous," she assures. "And Snapchat is very important on the road."

The road tour includes several country show stops along the way, including CMA Fest in June. Until then, Quayle is busy promoting the new single via acoustic jam sessions and radio appearances, along with hosting the red carpet at the ACMs and playing the ACM Party for a Cause.

Quayle has been making a splash in country music since her single "Drinking with Dolly" dropped late last year, bringing a throwback feel to the tune that turned heads and put her on the list of up-and-comers to look out for this year.

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