Singer-songwriter and American Idol alum Brooke White's forthcoming studio album Calico -- short for "California country" -- tells the story of her life and musical identity. Nowhere is that truer than in the album's title track, which White says "sets the scene for the whole record." Press play above to listen.

"Calico" takes listeners on a journey through the American West, with an anthemic, enterprising spirit. At the same time, the music reveals deep traditional country inflections, complete with a banjo solo. The track speaks to the West Coast-inspired musicality that the Arizona-born, L.A.-based artist picked up in her formative years, but doesn't forget the influence of country legends such as George Strait and Reba McEntire.

In addition to her musical history, White says that "Calico" chronicles a personal narrative, too: "It's about how we make plans, and those plans change, but it works out -- sometimes even for the better," the singer relates. "That's happened so many times in my life, from ending up on American Idol to having to wait for babies, to making the record how and where I did."

Her city, White adds, was an important center to the album. "L.A. is the place where dreamers, creators and artists come because anything can happen here. That's why I'm here," she explains.

"Calico is about letting go of what you thought it would be and embracing what it is and where you are ... making the most of it and loving it," White adds. The singer explores that concept in the music video for the song, highlighting the thread that connects all of the different kinds of characters who find their home in L.A.

"In the video, I take a walk smack dab in the heart of Hollywood, passing through the wild Wild West, with unexpected characters, and exchanging hats with friends and strangers along the way," White notes. "[It's] a symbol of connection, and how 'We can all get together down in Calico.'"

The 12-song Calico is due out on Oct. 4 via Nevado Music / June Baby Records. Visit for more.

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