Brantley Gilbert's new music video for "Man That Hung the Moon" takes fans behind the scenes into the singer's daily life, and the constant divide he faces between the stage and spending time with his wife and son. Press play above to watch!

The clip shows a montage of live footage as we follow Gilbert on tour and onstage, performing to a large crowd. Meanwhile, shots of Gilbert's toddler-aged son, Barrett, are interspersed throughout the story: We see Barrett walking around backstage and through a recording studio, accompanied by his mom (Gilbert's wife, Amber). Occasionally, the singer gets a break from his touring duties to spend time with his son, lifting Barrett onto his shoulders or buying him ice cream. In those shots, Gilbert's back is always to the camera, further stressing the divide between public and private life.

When he shared the song, Gilbert explained that he wrote it in anticipation of the day that his children see his flaws. A self-described "what you see is what you get" guy, the singer has spoken publicly about his life story and its ups and downs.

"They're gonna know sooner than other [children know about their dads] that I'm not a superhero. I don't have a cape, and I can't fly," Gilbert explains. "I wanted them to have a song that they could listen to and know, 'At one point, you're gonna figure out I'm not a superhero, and you're gonna need more than me. Hopefully I've done my job well enough to show you that when that time comes, there is a man who really did hang the moon, and who's got your back now, and always will.'"

He released "Man That Hung the Moon" just in time for Father's Day 2019 (June 16), following his latest single, "What Happens in a Small Town" (a duet with Lindsay Ell).

In March of 2019, Gilbert and Amber revealed that Barrett will soon be a big brother: The couple is expecting to welcome a daughter later this year.

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