Singer-songwriter James Levy is premiering his brooding new single "Tootie" exclusively for readers of The Boot. Press play below to listen.

With Levy's subdued vocals and a simple melody, "Tootie" explores the blissful normalcy of a good relationship, and what it feels like to lose that — even things as simple as dirty microwaves and nurturing plants grown from seed. "These are the moments why we'll go back and laugh inside / These are the best days of our lives," Levy sings. "These are the moments where I wish you could get back there just for one minute of the day." 

According to Levy, he found something particularly special in these "mundane" moments: "The mundane things are the things that I remember and cherish most — the postman, Chinese delivery, giving kids candy on Halloween, daily conversation with the neighbor, deciding on the right plant like the world depends on it, the head on shoulder, the summer heat with no AC," he says. "To know that it is all fleeting, and to realize that you have to live in the present, in the way that you idealize the past."

Produced by Paul Defiglia -- who is known for his work with the Avett Brothers -- and featuring harmonica from Willie Nelson collaborator Mickey Raphael, "Tootie" appears on Levy's forthcoming album Somebody. Formerly based in New York City, Levy is now living in Nashville, where he's preparing to release his new album on Innit Recordings.

Somebody is due out on Sept. 13. Fans can keep up with his goings-on on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Listen to James Levy's "Tootie"

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