Aubrie Sellers is telling it like it is in her latest single, "Liar Liar." Click play below to listen to the hard-rocking track, which is all about calling out a man for his wayward actions.

Following the release of "Sit Here and Cry," Sellers is continuing to share singles that focus on strong women who won't take any crap from manipulative men. And while "Sit Here and Cry" was all about getting over an ex who didn't treat her right, "Liar Liar" catches the guy before he can even make his first move.

"You never felt this way / Yeah, you never fall this far / You never believed in love at first sight until tonight, when I walked in this bar," sings Sellers in the tongue-in-cheek first verse of "Liar Liar," before revealing the truth about her potential beau's player vibe: "Liar liar, womanizer / Bargain-bin romanticizer / Spin your web just like a spider does / Pants on fire / Flames get higher / Liar liar."

The music behind the lyrics of "Liar Liar" is just as feisty. With heady guitar riffs and a strong drum beat, the tune is the perfect song for country music lovers who are also looking for a little edge -- and while Sellers' voice does sound a bit like that of her famous mother, Lee Ann Womack, the similarities end there.

While her music is in many ways a direct departure from her mother's, Sellers says that, ultimately, her family connects over their shared love of music.

“Everyone in my family, they do music and they love music; it’s all about the music,” Sellers tells The Boot. “Everyone does their own tastes and everything: I’ve discovered music that’s very different from theirs, and my music is very different from theirs. But I think what I’ve learned to focus on is my music, and that’s why I made my record independently."

Sellers is out on the road with Miranda Lambert, on Lambert’s Highway Vagabond Tour. Her album New City Blues is available for download on iTunes.

Listen to Aubrie Sellers, "Liar Liar":

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