Jason Aldean and his wife, Brittany, sat down to answer some questions from fans in a video she posted to her YouTube page, and no topics were off limits.

The couple keep things mostly light and humorous for a 14-minute-ling Q&A session that the former Brittany Layne posted to her YouTube account on Friday (Feb. 17), kicking off with her sipping from a cup and comically grimacing as the word "Vodka" is superimposed over the cup -- which turns out to be true, since she says they thought alcohol would make the session more fun.

The first question they answer is one that's been on the minds of many fans ... namely, will the couple have kids?

"We're working on it," Aldean quips, adding, "I like working on it."

Other topics included whether the couple would consider shooting a reality TV show -- which appears to be a split decision -- and what is their biggest argument.

"Hunting, for sure," Britanny says. "One thing I could change about him would be that he hunts, 'cause I feel like that's horrible."

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Aldean, for his part, says he wishes he could convince his wife to hunt, to which she replies, "There's not a chance in this world."

They also shared whether they like to snuggle, what she might nag him about, and the fact that Aldean is allergic to cats, which he calls "the devil's pet -- especially that one that don't have any hair on it."

The couple cover the challenges of life on the road, their favorite drinks, her relationship with his kids and, perhaps most interestingly, how they overcome haters.

"I do think it's very difficult, because a lot of people hide behind their computer and their phone and like to say a lot of mean, negative things," Brittany says. "So if you just get to the point where you've just heard so much of it, so many times, it's kind of like, okay ... and?"

"We just kinda look at it and take it for what it is," Aldean adds. "If people wonder why they got blocked from our page, it's because you probably said something stupid that was inappropriate and you got blocked."

"You just have to know that misery loves company," Brittany finishes. "If someone takes that much time out of their day to say something that's rude or negative to you, that just shows how miserable that they are in their situation, and you just kinda have to feel bad for them."

Check out the entire Q&A in the video above. Aldean is set to kick off his They Don't Know Tour in April, which includes a stop at the 2017 Taste of Country Music Festival in June.

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