Angelo State University’s Houston Harte University Center has been designated one of the nation's “25 Best Student Union Centers" by, an education resource guide that ranks both academic programs and various aspects of non-academic student life on the nation’s college campuses.

Campus 13Sept07Danny Meyer Photographer
Campus 13Sept07
Danny Meyer Photographer

ASU’s University Center is ranked No. 19 in the U.S., and ASU is the only Texas school to make the rankings. Criteria for the rankings included aesthetic design and architecture, student offerings in campus life, events and traditions, and proximity to other campus features. 

“Every campus has a place where students congregate,” said Monica Dennis of the College Rank team. “The student union of the past is gone. Now, unions like the ones on our list offer more amenities than you can imagine! Gorgeous views of campus, energy-efficient designs, bookstores, coffee shops, you name it.” 

“Unions and their impressive displays have also become a recruiting element for potential students,” she added. “There are so many students that are taking each and every aspect of student life into account when making their final decisions, unions are definitely a consideration.” 

In addition to gaming tables and student lounge areas with large-screen TVs and computer game consoles, ASU’s University Center houses the Center for Student Involvement, a food court featuring Starbucks, Chick-Fil-A, Subway and other eateries, the Multicultural Center, Veterans Education and Transitional Services (VETS) Center, Student Government Association, Career Development Office, ASU Bookstore, ASU post office, Concho Educators Federal Credit Union, ASU West Texas Collection, C.J. Davidson Conference Center and Office of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management. 

The majority of the student centers on the list belong to Division I universities, including Columbia University, Cornell University, University of Maryland, Ohio State University, Oklahoma State University, Purdue University, University of Michigan, Brigham Young University, Oregon State University and Florida State University.

A complete list of the rankings is available at

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