You know, if any one of us were told back in January that the entire state of Texas would be shut down because of snow, we probably would've laughed.

Unfortunately this is no laughing matter because it actually happened. We are sitting in our cars, our homes, our jobs, and looking out the window wondering when we're going to wake up and see normalcy, but it shows no signs of slowing down.

So right now I want to reach out to you, not as a radio dj, but as a proud citizen of San Angelo Texas, and ask you to cut back on power usage.

If you own a business, limit your illuminated signage as well as your interior and exterior lighting. Just enough so we can lower our output. If you have 2 lights on in your home, just turn one on.

If you leave a room, turn the lights off. There's no need for fans to be running right now if you're not in a room either.

If you are without power and in need of warmth, We encourage you to seek shelter in one of the City’s facilities. Current locations are the McNease Convention Center (501 Rio Concho Drive) and the Fort Concho Stables (210 Henry O Flipper Street).

Transportation is available to the shelters as well, just check the City of San Angelo Facebook Page. 

If you are without power right now, those are the places to go.

But I cannot stress this enough, do not be on the road unless you have to be, I've seen cars slipping and sliding all over the place the last few days.

I know a lot of us are without water and have more questions than answers but this is an unprecedented situation.

We hope each and every one of you are safe and warm right now, this will end, but we can each do our parts to make it end sooner.

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