UPDATED: Oct. 23, 2020

The Abilene Animal Services Shelter has been offering "deep discounts on lots of the cats, dogs, kittens and puppies in the shelter" says shelter Director Mike Bricker. Due to the coronavirus pandemic there are a lot of animals are being surrendered and or brought in at the animal shelter. The longer an animal stays in the shelter the greater the discount.

However, Bricker says that "due to the huge influx of large dogs being brought into the shelter, the '40 pound or larger dog sale' continues through the end of October. Any dog that is 40 pounds or larger is free and that includes the  shots, chip and spay neuter voucher.

Bricker also says "if a pet has been here for say, more than a month, then that pet may cost only $10 and after the rebate from Rescue the Animals that pet is FREE." So if you see a fur baby you want you'd better hurry the the shelter at 925 South 25th and adopt it before someone else adopt's it. Now, if you would like to "foster" a pet for say a weekend, a week or or more sign up to be a pet foster home.

Furthermore, volunteers are always needed and anyone that completes the orientation training can be a Animal Services Volunteer. Volunteers help walk, play and feed the animals there at the shelter. The most important part of being a volunteer is, socializing with the pets on a daily basis making them into instant family members and as Mike says "making them more adoptable.

The shelter is open to the public on Monday, Tuesday Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 11 am till 2 pm and 3 pm till 6 pm and is closed on Wednesdays and Sundays. All State, local and CDC guidelines will be strictly adhered to. If you have any questions please contact the shelter first at (325)-698-0085 during open hours.

Below are several examples of some fur babies that are ready to be adopted and have been greatly discounted and some are free. This applies to dogs, cats, puppies and kittens. To find out exact adoption prices go to the Abilene Animal Services Shelter at 925 South 25th or view them all online on the Shelters Website.

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