Halloween is this Sunday, October 31st and kids as always, are getting very excited about going trick-or treating and having Halloween parties. Since it wasn't until very recently that approval was handed down to vaccinate children under the age of 12, most of those kids haven't yet been vaccinated, but that doesn't diminish their desire to celebrate having fun on Halloween.

Robert Frenck is a Medical Doctor and director of the Vaccine Research Center at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center and shares some of his feelings about children and Halloween this year.

Dr Frenck said.... "for vaccinated kids, the risk of getting infected or transmitting the virus while outdoors is much lower. I would have less concern about them going out together for Halloween if they all are vaccinated, but they should still try to maintain a bit of distance just as they do in school."

Doctor Frenck also offered some advice to make the actual act of trick-or-treating safer by addressing those who will be passing out the treats

“You should toss the candy into the bags of children rather than letting everyone who stops at your house stick their hand into your basket of goodies explaining that doing so will minimize points of contact. Also, parents should advise their kids to not unwrap and eat any candy until they get home."

A lot of kids plan to have Halloween parties and Doctor Frenck had some thoughts about that as well...

“If the kids are vaccinated, I am okay with them having a party, but parents should limit the size of the gathering. If kids aren't vaccinated, then they should maintain social distance and wear masks.”

We all want our kids to have a Safe and Happy Halloween. In addition to Dr Frenck's advise for Halloween, here is a reminder to all drivers to slow down and watch for small children who are just out having fun. They are not necessarily thinking about traffic, they just want more candy! Be careful and watch out for them!!

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