The completely stupid topic of school dress codes has reared its ugly head near Abilene.

A 4th grader in the Clyde Independent School District is now on blast after wanting to wear his earrings to school. This doesn't seem like it should be a thing, but it's a thing. Not only are there parents with a petition to allow him to do so, there's a petition to uphold the dress code.

If you're keeping score at home, the people who want to allow this kid his freedom sits at about 4,300 signatures, while those against are around 750. I think we all also know at this point in time that petitions mean squat.

In my opinion, the dress code should be applied equally. I was once sent home for wearing a jersey because it was somewhat see-through and they certainly wouldn't allow females to do that. Yes, that's stupid, but you can't deny it's fair.

It also galls me that those opposed to the earrings want to shout about "conservative values" in the school district. Could we stop playing that song and break up the band? Even better, could we get a list of everything that's a "conservative value," or do we just wait until this group is offended by something, then we find out about it?

Sorry, gang -- I voted for Reagan and Bush, and I think the people who claim "conservative values" on issues like this are 100 percent full of beans.

Let me make this clear as well: I used to be against school uniforms, but I now believe they can be a good thing. I just believe that fighting for boys to wear earrings is no different than the fights that had to happen to allow girls to wear pants.

Get over yourself, Clyde ISD, and leave this kid alone.

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