I must confess, I don't have a garden this year, in fact I haven't had one in several years.  One things for sure, if you have a garden you're going to have weeds. 

Weeding is often viewed as a dreaded chore.  The best tip I can offer is to weed daily to stay ahead of the weeds.  Daily weeding should only take about five minutes a day.  On Wednesday why not spend an extra five minutes in honor of the celebration.


Another great weeding tips is get in your garden a few hours after a rain shower. Weeds are much easier to pull when the soil is damp. If you’re interested in more weeding tips, check out Garden Forever’s tips here.

If you’re interested in building a new garden, I suggest looking at the “Gorgeous Landscapes” section of HGTV.com. It’s a great site for garden creating inspiration.