The Walk a Mile in Her Shoes will be this Saturday, April 25th at the Tom Green County Courthouse. The event will begin at 10:00 AM, and we can't wait to see the heels folks will be sporting.

As shown in the above photo, some of the Angelo State University football players will be sporting some cute heels to help to show your support for victims/survivors of sexual assault. It's your opportunity to raise awareness in this community about the serious causes, effects, and remediation to sexualized violence. Register online here. You can form a team or just show up and make some new friends.

Remember that old saying your grandpa or grandma might have used a couple of times? You know the one, 'You can't really understand another person's experience until you've walked a mile in their shoes'. That one. Well, here it's taken literally. Gentleman don those lovely shoes to get the community talking about an issue that is really very difficult to discuss. So, grab your favorite pair, and join the fun and the conversation!

courtesy of CVRC